October 6th 2008

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

This is a belated Sunday Edition, not only because its Monday, but because its been 2 months since our last Sunday Edition.

For me personally its a busy time of the year teaching. There's also stress, not just from work, but from society and politics.

I have yet to decide whom I shall vote for the August 14th Canadian election for example. Its bothering me because usually I know a month or two in advance whom I intend to vote for. Its also bothering me because Stephen Harper actually has a serious chance of winning a majority government.

And as a teacher working in Canada... that scares me.

Stephen Harper has worked hard to change his public image over the past several years, trying not to appear like the penny-pinching, don't care about the common person, privatize health care, sell out Canada to the USA, censor movies and television, sell the CBC, cut funding to the arts, cut funding to literacy, cut funding to women's shelters and women's programs, puppet for the American Republicans, oil industry pawn, bribery monger, fraud artist, lying, cheating and overall general scumbag that he is.

Instead his minority government has pushed the idea of Stephen Harper as the family man, the hockey lover, the guy who believes in laissez-faire economics... To me laissez-faire doesn't mean hands off. It means lazy. Harper doesn't like to mess around in economics and as a result does nothing about the economy. If the economy goes bad he blames problems in the USA.

Remember the glory days of Jean Chretien? An endless stream of trade missions to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America? He promoted Canadian products and exports overseas so that Canada didn't become so dependent on the American economy. Harper has been too busy trying to get rid of gay marriages and keep Kyoto and environmental change off the table that he has totally ignored promoting Canada overseas.

So in deciding whom to vote for I will be weighing multiple issues: Who will promote Canada overseas? Who will make environmental change for the better? Who will protect the integrity of Canada's health care, education and social programs?

I will tell you it won't be the Green Party. I'm sorry, but the Greens are just contributing to vote splitting and could hand Harper a majority. Canadians afraid of a Harper majority should seriously consider voting strategically this election. I'd rather see a Liberal and NDP coalition than see Harper get a majority.

One last scary thing: Harper still hasn't announced his party's platform for this election. Its a huge secret what his party intends to do... but I can guarantee it will include doing nothing about the environment and further eroding Canada's social programs.

Suzanne MacNevin

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