November 9th 2008

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

We are dedicating this issue to George W. Bush, the outgoing president of the United States of America.

Mr. Bush, the staff at the Lilith eZine (and indeed many people around the world) have made fun of you for 8 years or more now. Your quotes and antics are, to say the least, amusing. We may not approve of the stupid things you do, and we question your level of intelligence, but we've managed to deal with your mistakes and inadequacies during a troubling time in the world's history.

Some of us would like to blame you with the world's problems. We could saddle you with problems like global warming, climate change, terrorism and war, but that would not be fair. You didn't create the war, or the terrorism or environmental problems. You didn't create the credit crisis facing the United States either, or the corporate crime. There is a convincing argument for blaming you for high oil prices, but we cannot make you solely responsible.

As much as we hate your guts, you are just one person of many who deserve the blame for a variety of problems. We humans created these problems with our greed, our laziness and our unwillingness to change. It is mankind that will be punished for our mistakes, not you. You had the opportunity to change things for the better, but you wasted it just like the rest of us regularly do. C'est la vie.

That said, there is also the issue of your alleged war crimes, torture, imprisonment. You could be held responsible for those actions, and we won't have much sympathy for you in that situation. Barack Obama will no doubt be faced with the prospect of giving you a presidential pardon, but that will not protect you from the International Criminal Court should they decide to arrest and charge you.

We're also taking bets as to when someone will attempt to assassinate you Mr. Bush. Somehow, it seems highly plausible that someone out there is feeling trigger happy. Will we shed tears should it happen? Maybe, but they will be tears of joy. Your controversial methods are not universally liked.

My colleagues and I have created a comprehensive biography of George W. Bush's life and his time in office. We think it is a fitting end to Bush's career in politics. What will he do next?

If his father's post-presidential career is any sign George W. will be serving on the board of directors for the Carlyle Group and helping the Saudi Royal Family with their investments. Considering the price of oil quadrupled during Bush's time in office that seems like a fair bet. The Saudis must be rolling in cash by now.

With any luck Barack Obama will be able to fix the mess Bush left us with and finally catch Osama bin Laden. Bush couldn't even get that one right, could he? Oh well, he's only human.

Suzanne MacNevin

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