March 8th 2009

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

Today is International Women's Day.

And sure, you're thinking we've come a long way since 1911, the first year it was held.
But have we really? In western culture women have seen a dramatic increase in the education of women, pay equity and better treatment. But we're still not there. Some might argue we will never be there, but improving standards and treatment of women is something worth fighting for.

But western culture is less than one quarter of the world. Here we are in 2009, ninety-eight years after the first International Women's Day and women in Iran are still being arrested for celebrating the event. True, women serve in the Iranian militia, but thats not equality because they're unpaid and voluntary. Only men in the Iranian military get paid for their service.

It is difficult to measure progress, but with Barack Obama as the new president of the United States there is a new beacon for equality and hope around the world. Progress is a slow process, goes hand and hand with education, and we will rarely see overnight change unless we fight for it.

International Women's Day isn't just a day, its a symbol to remind women and men to fight for equality.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

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