September 27th 2009

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

Its been awhile, but hey that's life. The Lilith eZine went through a transformation over the summer. We have a new server, a new look and some talented new writers who have joined our staff (and we're looking for new editors). Please browse around and check out what our new writers have to offer.

Lets recap what has happened this past summer... Global warming and climate change is still getting worse. The recession is still here, but its not as bad as it used to be. Two of North America's Big Three automakers are now partially owned by the United States and Canadian governments. Plaid is back in fashion, but then again so it preppies and rebels. Its like the 1980s all over again. H1N1 (the influenza virus formerly known as Swine Flu) is all over the globe now and has killed over 4200 people thus far, including roughly 200 in the last week. Canada is now on the verge of an election, except nobody really wants one despite the fact 78% of Canadians are sick of Stephen Harper, and apparently the previous 2008 Canadian election wasn't legal in the first place.

Oh and according to the Republican Party in the United States, their president is a Communist because he finally allowed the USA to join the rest of the free world by creating a free health care program that covers all Americans. About time. I am speaking of course of Barack Obama. Just think, three years from now we will be discussing Obama's re-election campaign and whether he was successful combating the biggest financial downturn since the Great Depression, two wars and still managed to bring in free health care.

Suzanne MacNevin
Co-Editor of the Lilith eZine

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